Best Reverse Flow Offset Smoker

Reverse drift offset people who smoke are often mentioned as an advanced alternative to the often the best offset smoker. And, with an extra even temperature distribution and thorough smoke flow, they may be an extraordinary device to create exceptionally delicious smoked meat.

But, we’ll permit you to decide what’s great by way of searching at what an opposite go with the flow smoker is and the way they work.

A reverse waft smoker is certainly a form of offset smoker that contains an extra metal plate. This acts to protect the meat from severe warmness at the same time as directing the smoke below after which returned over the beef before venting through the chimney.

As you could see inside the diagram underneath, in an ordinary offset smoker, the smoke and warmth created within the firebox without delay filters into the cooking chamber and rises via it, cooking the beef as it makes its way out of the chimney on the opposite aspect.

However, in a reverse go with the flow offset smoker, the warmth, and smoke from the firebox enter the cooking chamber underneath a metal plate.

It’s then compelled throughout the lower phase of the cooking chamber and rises on the stop to reverse its glide because it drafts over the beef to go out via the chimney that’s close to the firebox.

Best Reverse Flow Offset Smoker – Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker

Oklahoma Joe has been constructing people who smoke seeing that 1987, and on the grounds that then Joe Davidson has long past on to produce many winning grills, inclusive of the Jack Daniels World Championship, and American Royal Championship.

To placed it clearly, that is one guy who knows his grills!

With that said, in 1998 the brand Char-Broil acquired them. Truth is informed, we aren’t large enthusiasts of char-broil. Usually, there are continual problems with grills because of production.

In this overview, we’re going to have a look at the Longhorn to look if Oklahoma Joe and Char-Broil have maintained the best that Joe used to put into these pits.

Char-Broil is understood for making a chain of low-value offset smokers. Truly, we don’t propose the use of one. You don’t need to take our word for it although.

Just from reading the critiques of different clients you start to see a fashion of issues associated with production and poor performance.

With that stated, the road of Oklahoma Joe that they very own continues to be quite respectable. It’s certainly no longer the same fine returned when Joe turned into making them but they’re a step above what Char-Broil places out

The cooking location of this best offset smoker is remarkable at 1,060 rectangular inches, the Longhorn is designed to smoke lots of meat.

Of that 1,060 rectangular inches, 751 is dedicated to the primary smoking chamber, even as the remaining 309 is within the offset smokebox. This is ready general for this style of the smoker, and most chefs will love the adequate area.

As continually, there’s the standard thermometer at the top of the hood, plus a neatly built rack on the front for storing meats just earlier than grilling them.

The wheels and bring cope with also are tremendously properly made, and factor to a smoker that can be moved around your backyard somewhat without difficulty. With that stated, this grill is as a substitute heavy at nearly 2 hundred lbs.

One of the amazing things approximately the Longhorn is that reverse drift system cited earlier. Put in reality, it takes the heat from the smokebox and gently distributes it across the grill. This method that wherever you placed your meats, they’ll be cooked evenly.

Upon similarly studies, you will find out some of the mods that the grilling network has created. In the video under you may see some of the strategic mods to the firebox and grill itself to distribute warmth extra successfully.

Aftermarket modifications have to only be carried out in case you know what you are doing. Even something like the clamps can help and are easy to put into effect.


Overall you couldn’t cross wrong with this variety hood. This best offset smoker comes with rather fundamental functions, meaning it received break the bank. It performs well and is as much as a snuff for most kitchen odors and smoke. AKDY is often used by professionals, but not anything beats having a professional system at your home at a price range rate.